Christian Éthier
Professeur Adjoint
Département de Psychiatrie et de Neurosciences
Centre de Recherche CERVO - Université Laval
Our research projects lie at the crossroads between engineering and neuroscience. We are developping and testing neuroelectronic interfaces to study the brain, and promote recovery after lesion or disease.

Neural interfaces to guide neuroplasticity​ and promote brain repair

We study the rules governing associative plasticity in the corticospinal system. We investigate how electrical and optogenetic stimulation can be applied to tap into the mechanisms of activity-dependent plasticity, and influence the motor system's connectivity.
We train laboratory rats to various forelimb motor task. They are implanted with chronic cortical, muscle and nerve electrodes, allowing us to investigate their motor system. We design interventions combining brain and muscle recordings and stimulation, with the goal of guiding neuroplasticity and "re-train" the cortico-motoneuronal networks after cortical or spinal cord lesions. Our studies may lead to the development of more effective interventions for people with sensorimotor deficits caused by traumatic brain injuries, strokes or spinal cord injuries.